I Amsterdam

An obviously majorly iconic and successful example of another typographic sculpture is the I amsterdam. Designed by KesselKramer agency the I amsterdam is interesting because it is not just in an installation piece but basically a way of branding a city. The same visuals is replicated across the city in different forms but sticking to the same visual style and words. I Amsterdam is intended to be a ‘Motto’. The motto aims to ‘ present the region as a dynamic place to live and work, an attractive travel destination and a test market for innovation.’ So in many ways has similar intentions to both our project and the  Window of Leeds. But on such a greater scale.


So as you can see the same iconic visuals are translated onto many different platforms. From merchandise to photographic campaigns and advertisement across the city. Creating a distinct visual story or what Amsterdam is. And truly a positive way of bringing the city together and celebrating it’s culture.

I think this is interesting to reference for our project. When thinking about our initial intentions could there be more to the piece than this final typographic installation. But could there be more to say about the market, and more of a story that connects what is special about the market and Sheffield. Creating a visual story of the city and the market, and how the two connect for instance? Our original recipe idea was inspired a lot from people, and the idea of their different journeys and different styles of cooking related to tradition and culture. So I feel there could be a lot to derive from those initial ideas. How can we push these ideas further, and not only create something fun and interactive but something that has a strong connection to the market and the people?


Can’t seem to find much information about what the I amsterdam letters have actually been created from however. They are certainly a big structure but they do get transported to different areas in the city, so they are not a permanent fixture.


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