Material Inspiration

Thinking about the prominent colour of yellow in the market we wondered if there was other visual inspiration we could find from the inside or the outside of the structure of the building.

The 73,000 sq ft building needed to be a new landmark for the city centre in order to act as a catalyst for future regeneration of Sheffield’s retail and leisure offering. To achieve this, timber was identified early on as a traditional material to bring the cherished ‘market feel’ to the new building, while the juxtaposition of modern materials such as brass brings it into the 21st Century.

On the far side of the outside (Top right photo) there is some brick and darker wood. I think sticking with the inside colours is important to make the visual connection clear if we were going to go down this route. It could be interesting to use some kinda of brass like the outside the ceiling though where the windows are! But do really like the yellow, wood and metal combo.

Heres a link to a site with some more information of the architectural and material choices of building itself. There is information on the of the exact type of wood they have used, and where it was sourced from etc.



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