SCANIMATION: Thoughts on type and imagery

When thinking about how scanimation could be used in some way with it being a simple analogue way of making things move. We found this example from D&AD brief where text changes from one language to another which we really liked.

We felt like it was important to be simple when it comes to visuals/illustration because illustration/visuals will be being printed. So we had the idea that messages/type could work well. OR ‘Voices of the market’.

Art Creating Pinball Machine

Naomi and I are heavily interested in creating something interactive that the public in their own way get ‘creative’. Initially we felt like them inputting their recipes was a perfect way to show how different members of the community are creative with cooking.

However we have been doing other research into different types of creative interaction by the public, and I came across this pretty cool pinball machine. There is no doubt to say that a pinball game is immensely interactive, and we had ideas of trying to create an interactive process that will trigger the printing of the machine. So creating some sort of simple ‘game’ could be an interesting solution for this. But this Art Creating pinball machine is really taking it to a different level, by not only interacting with the machine in a fun and typical ‘gaming’ way, you are also generating artwork, that distinctly represents your game play.

I think this is something we could consider in a different way. How could interacting with something and creating some sort of puzzle or game also link a bit more closely to these ideas of being creative. Certainly food for thought here. We did like the idea of having some sort of ball maze that would travel through depictions of the market, and land in different stalls. Thus teaching you some how something about the market, and what is there and where to find it, but also just being a bit of fun. It could relate to what is getting printed as well.