Stephenson Blake: Type Foundry

Considering┬áthe typeface we decided it would be nice to pick a type that was originated in Sheffield. Stephenson Blake is a type foundry founded in 1818. As we now only need to consider the aesthetics of one letter it potentially makes it an easy choice. I’ve popped some examples below of different Stephenson Blake typefaces of the letter S to make some comparisons. The font Windsor was used for the Graduate Show ‘Forged’.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 23.15.41

“The foundry had been in Sheffield in one form or another since around 1797 when a local bookseller (John Slater) and a bookseller-printer (William Bower) joined forces with a printer (Clay Bacon) to cast type, issuing their first specimen in 1809. That founding work had persisted under many names until taken on by Garnett and Blake, and then becoming Stephenson, Blake.

Since the earliest times SB had worked to 1/5000th of an inch as a matter of course: the type they founded was considered the most precise in the UK.”


It’s interesting to see what other typefaces have been design by Stephenson Blake and used in Sheffield. Such as The Sheffield University typeface.

Whereas the Sheffield Hallam ‘Clerkenwell’ font was designed by fontsmith in London.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 23.33.27