Initial Branding Style Ideas

We wanted to make sure the ‘logo’ was super simple. As it’s really the S and the artwork that we want to show of. So using the exact letter S type and encasing it in a box, to kind of look like a stamp. Liked the idea that it’s a marker to show where the work has come from, a significant, yet simple stamp on each print.





IJF’s renders of final S & shelves.

IJF sent us these drawings to approve the positioning of the different shelves, and the stand for approval. The shelves can be positioned wherever and custom made to fit right and slide in and out after the S has been made in order to make the right adjusments, and fit the printer accurately and safely.

As we could only drill down as far as a few inches it wasn’t actually ideal to go with our original idea of securing the S to the floor for maximum safety. This meant we had to adjust the way in which the base looked. As well as this the electricity in our new chosen spot had to be coming from the floor. Which is visually nicer to avoid visible wires, but also meant the base needed some adjusting and a way to access the S from the S with a lock, and appropriate holes to feed wires through was also needed. The bottom of the S would be weighed down with as many weights as would make it safe and stable.


Credit to IJF for all the renders/drawings on this post.

Picking a spot in the market.

After some slight deliberation we felt the perfect place for the S in the market was central, behind the help desk. Essentially in the place of where this bin currently is.

We decided against having it in the big space at the end, as that space is used a lot by the market for different events. This space is ideal because being near the help desk means there is always someone near by if it looks as though someone is trying to tamper with it.

Fibreglass First

Fibreglass first is another company that got back to us with a cost estimation. Below are some examples of their bespoke designs. I found it interesting how on the piece the ‘Sculptor’ it mentions the use of galvanised steel bolts. Which is presumably what our would need to be bolted to the floor/a stand. It’s good to see that they have done similar projects that are in public domains.

Fibreglass first are situated in Cheshire.

Whitchurch Road
Tarporley, Cheshire